Client feedback

Measure and analyze survey responses.

Engage clients

Listen to every client, and understand their experience

Optimize their experience

Elevate your practice, with actionable insights

With an agregated focus on at-risk clients, NEXA highlights retention risks so your can proactively act to retain clients.

Dial into your clients' satisfaction levels, and increase client engagement by leveraging the data to make strategic changes specific to their feedback.

Take a look at varying levels of service and identify how those service levels are impacting your overall client engagement.

Highlight advocates and identify those that have been actively referring to your practice, allowing you to leverage a more focused group of individuals to grow your business.

See where you stand witihn the industry on specific areas of your practice. Make adjustments to the things that matter most to your clients.

Expand your offering, and grow organically by identifying opportunties to provide additional services within your current client base.

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