General Questions

Clients are an amazing source of information, information that allows advisors to optimize their practice and achieve a level of client experience that separates them from their peers. When it comes to learning about your clients, surveying is a highly effective method of gathering information in a way that can be quantified. Client surveys are imperative tools for improving a business and ensuring clients are satisfied and engaged. You can't improve what you don't measure.

We've found that clients are often reluctant to convey their feelings regarding your services directly to you. Surveys administered by a 3rd party allow you to discover insights into your client base that are not getting to your through traditional channels. The focus of client meetings and most client interaction is centered around the services you provide. Rarely is it focused on how well you are providing those services. Performing a survey brings that into focus.

Time. How valuable is yours to you? Building an effective survey is complex. NEXA has a proven survey process, that effectively reduces the time required to run a survey into a handful of hours. Our online, guided implementation process takes you through every step allowing you to launch a survey effortlessly.

In addition to saving you time, our technology transforms the data from what is normally a raw spreadsheet of results into actionable insights that are presented in a way that provides focus and clarity around the issues most important to you.

We have a library of compliance approved, RIA specific questions that are benchmarked against the industry. This allows you identify areas of focus relative to the industry, versus just looking at areas where you scored low which is not always indicative of how well you are doing.

For larger firms, our solution allows each individual advisor to have access to only their clients. This saves time which would otherwise be spent cutting the data and sending individual files out to advisors post-survey. With the security model advisors can have access real-time to their data, allowing for a quicker response to any at-risk clients.

There are transactional surveys, which fill your inbox and are ignored by the majority of us, and then there are engagement surveys specific to vital partnerships. Don't confuse the two, as each have differing objectives.

Surveying your clients once a year as a collective is generally welcomed, which is further confirmed by our high participation rates which have pushed as high as 96% of households for some advisors. Our surveys generally take just 3-5 minutes to complete, and are viewed as an excellent opportunity to deliver feedback that might not otherwise be communicated by clients.

Every survey is a little different so our pricing is custom to you. A small firm utilizing our best practices survey can choose our Tier 1 product, launching a survey for as little as $1200. Larger firms with more complex requirements are priced relative to the number of households that will be surveyed. Contact us today for a custom quote.

We start with a quick implementation call, discussing your specific needs and providing access to your team. Within NEXA, you are able to configure the survey and prepare it for launch. You'll provide a list of clients with details such as name, email, AUM, and other segmentation data like birthdate, onboarding date, service level or things specific to your firm.

Once ready, we'll launch the survey and monitor it as data comes in over the course of 3-4 weeks. Throughout the survey real-time insights into individual clients will be clearly highlighted within the solution, and as the survey progresses a clear picture of your overall engagement and satisfaction levels will come into view.

Product Questions

You are allowed as many logins as your firm requires. Generally, this involves one or more stakeholders that owns the implementation process at an administrative level. Advisors are given access as the survey progresses, providing them with data related only to their clients. Team leads, office managers, administrative assistants, or various levels of management can also gain access to the entire firm, a specific office, or a subset of advisors.

Absolutely. Our survey tool can be fully customized by your firm, allowing you ask questions specific regarding how you operate your business. Some questions are required in order for us to get an accurate look at your firm, and we highly recommend around a dozen questions based on our benchmarking which will allow you to gain insights into your industry rankings, but this leaves you plenty of flexibility to adjust the survey to your needs.

You will be provided with a custom url which is specific to your survey. In addition to this your logo can be uploaded, and branded color scheme assigned to the client invitations. We've designed our survey instrument in a neutral color scheme to allow your brand to be featured.