Features Overview

NEXA Insights offers a variety of services focused on measuring the client experience for
a modern advisory practice. Learn more about our services below.

Identify At-Risk Clients

With an aggregated focus on at-risk clients, NEXA highlights retention risks so you can proactively act to retain clients.

Increase Client Engagement

Dial into your clients' satisfaction levels, and increase client engagement by leveraging the data to make strategic changes specific to their feedback.

Evaluate Service Models

Take a look at varying levels of service and identify how those service levels are impacting your overall client engagement.

Define Your Referral Pipeline

Highlight advocates and identify those actively referring to your practice, allowing you to leverage a more focused group of individuals to grow your business.

Benchmark Against the Industry

See where you stand within the industry on specific areas of your practice. Make adjustments to the things that matter most to your clients.

Discover New Opportunities

Expand your offering, and grow organically by identifying opportunities to provide additional services within your current client base.

Perform Firmwide Evaluations

View client engagement and satisfaction levels of offices, teams, and individual advisors so you can identify areas of strengths and weakness within your organization.

Expand M&A Due Diligence

Include retention measurements into your due diligence process and further define valuations with a better grasp on potential revenue loss.

Facilitate Client Communication

Leverage the results to begin conversations on improving the client experience, and expand your communication into another avenue focused on the client.

Our Clients

What We Do

NEXA Insights provides unparalleled guidance throughout the client measurement process
and implements your survey in a way that limits the resources required internally.

Survey Design

Designing a targeted survey is the foundation of your measurement. We have a library of industry vetted questions that focus on what you need to know about your client relationships. From satisfaction and engagement to life measurement, the survey design drives your future actions.

Data Collection

Delivering a robust data collection mechanism that works across all platforms provides a clear and complete picture of your client relationships that is easy to use and accepted by your clients in a way that is both professional and insightful, elevating your firm's status. This isn't a typical web based survey.

Reporting & Analytics

Formulating focused business intelligence by performing analytics across not only your dataset, but where that dataset ranks in the industry gives you an actionable view of your results, allowing you to quickly respond and adjust where needed. We clear the clutter and show you what you need to focus on.

Client Measurement By The Industry Leader