Client Disconnect? Surveys Bridge the Gap to Deeper Relationships

Demand for personalized financial advisory services is on the rise, as clients are more knowledgeable about the process and potential outcomes of their investment. Advisors have to compete to provide the best possible experience for their clients while keeping them engaged in the process. Asking clients their goals is the best way to define what value wealth management has for them. Succinctly asking the right questions will elicit a road map to a better advisor-client relationship. The better the question, the better the answer, the better the outcome.

Surveys can be designed with a broad range of questions or be laser focused on a specific topic, can be fine-tuned to fit any client and can be repeated in a variety of iterations as needed. Clients expect high tech, but they desire high touch.

NEXA Insights can help elevate the advisor-client relationship to the next level by using insightful, probing questions to determine what a client needs to have a trusting relationship with their advisor.

Collecting Testimonials

Until recently, the SEC had prohibited advisors from using client testimonials in their marketing. Collecting testimonials can be an awkward exchange between you and a client. Solicitation of these testimonials through email is time consuming and requires you to acknowledge the receipt of a testimonial that may not be entirely positive or lacks the content and target you were looking for. Many advisors have chosen to have NEXA Insights collect these testimonials as a component of their standard client feedback process.

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